OMG…We’re Going Dairy Free!



Hey amazing moms! Yes you read it right….we are on the path to a dairy free life style. I can’t say it out loud because it literally brings tears to my eyes! No more yogurt, ice cream or cheese….oh God help my heart (insert ugly cry)! But hey, being an amazing mom often requires making sacrifices […] Read more…

4000 plus Instagram Follower Giveaway!!


Instagram Giveaway

I’m so excited to give away one of my Half Mom Half Amazing t-shirts in celebration of reaching 4000+ Instagram followers! I love my Instagram community and I’ve learned so much from everyone that I interact with there. I’ve made awesome friendships, met wonderful encouraging moms, and hundreds of inspiring people and I want to celebrate […] Read more…

Amazing Mom Apparel Is Here!



Im so excited to announce that my new line of motivational mom t-shirts are now available for purchase! Join the Amazing Mom Movement! You are an amazing mom, so let the whole world know! Half mom half amazing T-shirts are made from durable, breathable cotton, and are easily machine washable and comfortable. Wear them around […] Read more…

From Vintage Mirror to Chalkboard Art



Hey Amazing Moms! If you have a broken mirror or old picture frame that is no longer your style and you are trying to figure out what to do with it…I have a solution for you. Make it into a chalkboard and pimp it out with a beautiful, meaningful quote! Heres how: Supplies : Framed item of your […] Read more…

Easy Egg Fried Rice



Hey Amazing Moms! Anyone in the mood for some homemade Chinese inspired deliciousness! Im always on the look out for a side dish especially one that goes well with tofu. You don’t need to spend money and time searching for fancy ingredients to make this awesome, healthy egg fried rice. Here’s what you will need to […] Read more…

Creamy “Beefy” Mac and Cheese



Hey Amazing Moms! Raise your hand if you need a quick, easy and delicious dinner recipe that the entire family will enjoy. I haven’t found a kid that doesn’t like macaroni and cheese, so this recipe is a guaranteed winner! This one is seriously plate licking good (yes, I said plate licking…don’t judge me). Serve this […] Read more…

Hand Painted Office Storage Boxes



Hey Amazing Moms! A couple weeks ago I posted a picture of my hand painted office storage boxes on Instagram and the tutorial requests came in. So without further hesitation, here is my office storage box tutorial :). A while back (and I mean a WHILE back) in October of last year, I began working […] Read more…

Vegetarian Chilli Taco Salad



Hey Amazing Moms! This fun, easy and healthy meal is one of my families favorites, so I had to share with you. We love vegetarian taco salads. Around here with lovingly refer to them as haystacks. So easy to make, full of protein and so fun to eat! This recipe is sure to be one […] Read more…

Perfectly Roasted Cumin Aparagus



Ever consider cooking a vegetable, but have no idea how to prepare it? Asparagus an be an intimidating vegetable. Some love it, but have difficulty preparing it in a way that is palatable. Being that asparagus is such a healthy vegetable, and goes well with a variety of meals, its a shame that some are […] Read more…

Anniversary Reminder Platter



Oh marriage! Don’t we love it? The ups and downs; the good and the bad. Regardless of what happens, we always remember that beautiful day when we pledged our hearts and devotion to the love our our life. What better way to commemorate that day than with a beautiful visual reminder?  Wedding season is approaching and this […] Read more…

Vegetarian Breakfast for Dinner Casserole



Who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner? This breakfast for dinner casserole was a huge hit with my family and I know you will love it too…afterall whats not to like about eggs, cheese biscuits, ground meat and hash browns combined?  Yummmmm! Ingredients 1  1/2 cups of ground vegetarian meat. I’ve used “Veggie Crumbles” by Morning Star […] Read more…

Week 30 Homeschool Highlights



Welcome back to our Week 30 Homeschool Highlights! Bible The weeks Bible story was about Peter denying Jesus. Our memory verse was Luke 22:32 “I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” The message of the story was that God wants me in […] Read more…

Spring Cleaning Series: Under the Kitchen Sink



Hey Amazing Moms! Welcome back to my Spring Cleaning Quick Tip Series. This week we are tackling Under the Kitchen Sink! One place that I find extremely hard to keep organized is under sinks…especially under the kitchen sink. There are so many different cleaning supplies for some many different surfaces as well as cleaning accessories, […] Read more…

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